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2525 Wallingwood Drive, Building 7C

Austin, TX 78746

The partner of head is heart. Body has no opposite. In body, heart and head are one.

-Georgi Y Johnson, Nondual Therapy: The Psychology of Awakening


Ideal massage if you are looking for easing stress, taking a day off for needed self-care, or are struggling to "let down" after days/weeks/months of a full calendar.


A powerful, nurturing massage experience.


Carrying extra tension in the upper back and neck? Been hitting the gym or the trails extra hard and have quads to prove it? Want cupping and  deeper tissue work? 

Integration massage is fully customized just for these needs.


Rooted in ancient Hawaiian healing practices, LomiLomi uses long forearm strokes up and down the body in circular patterns to induce a restorative parasympathetic state.


A unique nurturing experience of "living aloha"