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 No tipping expected.

Session times include intake, changing and reintegration.

Cupping & aromatherapy available without additional fee.


LomiLomi, as a healing practice native to Hawaii, utilizes long runs along the body with the forearms. Many strokes incorporate circular and figure-8 patterns with the intention to slow our "thinking mind" and allow our natural and innate healing abilities to rise. Clients have reported deep relaxation and often improved sleep after LomiLomi.


Approx 120 min        $180.


Looking for a therapeutic massage? This is it.

Integrating a variety of techniques to address muscular tension and pain. A great option for deeper, more therapeutic work. Experience elements of deep tissue, myofascial release, sports, Asian bodywork, body mobilization, stretching, and/or cupping - whatever your body needs. It can be a full body massage with focused detail work or narrowed to just those areas that need attention. 


Options: 75, 105, &120 min        $102, $145, & $180

*60 min session available by special request


 The Signature Deep is a full body massage incorporating therapeutic pressure and energetics to climb back into the present moment and more fully inhabit your body. It is inspired by Kate's love of LomiLomi massage and the practice of surrender to deep relaxation. Restore your senses to balance, presence, and well being.


Options included by request: gentle relaxation cupping, aromatherapeutic massage of face, scalp, hands and feet. 


Options: 75 & 105 min        $102  &  $145


Really not sure what to book? Have questions or want to request a home visit? Just want to know there is a human being behind all of this? Feel free to email unboundmassageandbodywork@gmail OR text (512) 766-1068.

"You can do it like it's a great weight or you can do it like it's part of the dance."

-Ram Dass

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