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Unbound & Kate 

"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." 

-Albert Einstein


I help people with chronic stress and muscular tension feel better. As a massage therapist (TX MT135100), my frequent tools include fingers, hands, and forearms. 


As a human, my frequent tool is presence.

My sessions are a team effort - client and therapist together - exploring  the musculoskeletal system and how it responds to input. Often that means pressure, motion, stretch. Clients arrive reporting tension in all sorts of places.


That tension always has a story. Here are some: 


My posture is terrible.

I hunch over at a computer all the time

This is just where I carry my tension


Years ago I had a disc issue

When I work out it acts up, but I can't give up the exercise.

Worse in the morning


I've had headaches since I was a teenager

It always starts HERE and wraps around

I catch myself clenching when I'm working 

I'm supposed to wear a night guard

I feel one side click now


Things are good...just need a reset

Time for a tuneup

I'm stiff and sore. Bad sleep and stress?

There's just a lot going on now.

Do these stories sound familiar?

          Hi, I'm Kate       


Empower a thriving community of people willing to engage in self inquiry, grounded in their bodies, relating to themselves and each other with care, kindness, and connection

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