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Unbound & Kate

Currently serving the greater Austin area and located inside Heal in south-central Austin, we at Unbound believe safe, compassionate touch is healing and necessary. Kate Wetzel, LMT, is a long-time special education teacher and has a master's degree in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. She combines her curiosity for neurodivergence and studies in ancient healing traditions with unwavering dedication to helping others lead more fulfilled lives, grounded in the present moment through compassionate human touch. Her practice is rooted in a passion for anatomy and physiology and exploring how we can arrest the "fight or flight" status quo of the modern world. She believes healing touch through massage can increase one's own sense of stillness in stressful times and that it is an essential part of holistic self care.

She has worked with athletes, clients working through significant mental health challenges, survivors of trauma and accidents, pregnant and post-partum folx, and others living day-to-day lives with the imprints of stress in our bodies and spirits. She invites all into her bodywork space for some deeper breathing and moments of stillness.


photo by @mariana.krueger of Mariana Faye Photography

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