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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Still can't find the info you need? Text is an option. (512) 766 1068

Question: Should I tip you after the massage?

Answer: My service prices include tip. I accept payment via credit card, cash (exact change appreciated!), or Venmo (@massageunbound). While I won't refuse payment above and beyond the service fee, I have structured my business so that I don't rely on gratuity.

If you DO pay more than the service fee, it will allow me to offer my services on a volunteer basis and to those who cannot afford bodywork. While I strongly believe in #mutualaid and peer support in this stressful world, my body has the energy to work a certain number of massage hours per week. If I need those hours for liquid money to continue the business (consequences of #grindeconomy and #capitalism), my body simply can't donate them. Extra funds enable me/my body to help others.

Question: Why isn't tipping expected?

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